Sam Soghor

for Virginia House of Delegates District 53

Amherst Bedford Nelson

Hello House of Delegates District 53 voters. We're around 80,000 people living alongside a gorgeous slice of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We're all in this together. Forget all the nonsense that our overseas adversaries are so happy to see us fighting over. We got to come together to stand up for our communities and show the rest of he country and the world that we are a unified people. We all want and need better schools, we all want and need better access to healthcare.

There's a lot of anger on the left and the right. Both sides feel justified. But anger is anger. People get angry about everything. Anger may justified or not justified but regardless it is never the best solution and often a bad solution. 

Sam for VA 

PO Box 1051

Amherst VA 24521

434-381-0280 call anytime for questions and suggestions